Preserve your vision

Early treatment can help you keep your sight for longer


The Challenge

Glaucoma can cause serious and permanent visual loss. A person with glaucoma is usually unaware that they have a problem until a serious loss of vision has occurred.

It has been estimated that nearly half of those suffering from glaucoma are unaware they have the disease because it develops without any obvious symptoms.

As the damage from glaucoma cannot be reversed, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment is vital to preserve vision.

The Solution

Thankfully, glaucoma management has evolved rapidly in the last five years and we now have the capability to stop and prevent any further damage to the nerve, and your sight.

At Warwick Eye, our surgeons offer expert consultations, and using the latest diagnostic tests with bespoke treatment plans. We will do all we can to help our patients to maintain as much useful sight as possible.

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Reach Target Pressure

Average Pressure (2 years)

Days follow-up

Amazing Result

Medical Treatment

We have available all the latest, most powerful, once daily eye-drop combinations (including preservative free preparations which are kinder to eyes)

Gentle Laser Treatements

Laser therapy is a new and repeatable treatment that does not scar. It causes painless pressure lowering and allows many patients to do away with their daily eye drops. Micropulse technology utilises the most advanced laser energy, which aims to stimulate the body’s natural drainage.

Minimally Invasive (Keyhole) Surgery

We can undertake advanced microsurgery modified with minimally invasive techniques providing safer & quicker surgery with microtube implants, achieving high success rates and faster recovery! New XEN Implants have been designed with this purpose in mind. Non-penetrating surgery may also be possible to reduce rates of complication compared with conventional surgery.


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